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Multichannel Manual

The Multichannel Manual

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As consumers' preferences for multiple brand touchpoints are ever-evolving, ecommerce businesses must capitalise on the unique advantages that a multichannel presence offers in 2023 to stand out an over crowded market.

This guide defines the channels integral to the success of that strategy. Focusing on D2C, online traditional marketplaces and social media “modern marketplaces”, we break each channel down, analysing individual platforms, the advantages and the challenges. 

With practical hints and tips relating to a multichannel strategy and individual channels, this guide sets your business up for ecommerce success. 

Whether you’re a single channel vendor looking to make a change or you’re already wrestling with a multichannel proposition, this guide is for you. 

The challenges of multichannel

Streamline your operations

Offer a seamless customer experience

Embrace technology

Create a consistent brand experience

Don’t spread yourself too thin

Why go multichannel?


of customers want a consistent experience across all shopping channels


Multichannel online retailers generated more than 350 billion U.S. dollars in ecommerce sales in the United States


of consumers prefer to connect with brands who use a multichannel approach